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My breakfast: I avoided carbs like breads for breakfast, instead I had, still have boiled eggs, poha, chila (besan), and a big glass of cold coffee (no sugar).

My lunch: I have one roti for lunch,I used to have 2 earlier, instead of roti which is carbs again, I have a big bowl of dal and vegetables. In short, I just substituted carbs with proteins in my meals.

My dinner: For me, dinner is usually the same as my lunch. However, it’s the game-changer. I have dinner latest by 7 pm. Having early dinner speeded my weight loss. After dinner, I keep an empty stomach for 13-15 hours and have a big bowl of fruits, first thing in the morning.

Pre-workout meal: Before the workout, I do not have anything and I advise not to have anything also, as a filled stomach might give you a bad stomach ache after the workout.

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Post-workout meal:I work out at noon, so straight away after doing so I have my lunch (after 10-15 mins or so)

I indulge in (What you eat on your cheat days): I order a medium pizza once a fortnight, and sometimes belgium chocolate ice-cream, or hot chocolate fudge with warm sauce and vanilla.

Low-calorie recipes I swear by: I try to follow a very low-calorie recipe, without starving myself.I have fibre rich food like apples, beans, bananas besides, any homemade Indian food (less oil and butter) is the best for weight loss.

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