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By now, we all have got into the habit of cooking almost everything at home. The months long lockdown in 2020 and the partial lockdown in 2021 has upgraded many of us from cooks to home chefs. We have experimented a lot in our kitchens, while being stuck at home. Subsequently, today we prefer making almost every food at home, as much as possible. And this is why we are in constant search for recipes that can help us replicate our favourite dish from our favourite restaurant at home.

During our search, we came across a chicken ceasar salad recipe that instantly reminded us of our favourite salad joint in town. For the unversed, ceasar salad is a simple dish made by mixing lettuce, croutons and dressing. You can add proteins to this salad, as per your preference.

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How To Chicken Ceasar Salad | Chicken Ceasar Salad Recipe:

In this particular recipe, we are preparing every element at home, from the scratch – from bread croutons to salad dressing. Sounds interesting? So, without further ado, let’s jump into the recipe.

How To Prepare The Chicken Breast:

  • Take a chicken breast and marinate with olive oil, black pepper powder, salt, garlic powder and keep for an hour.
  • Roast the marinated chicken on a tawa until both the sides are cooked well.
  • Then shred the chicken into small pieces. Keep aside.

How To Make Bread Croutons:

  • Meanwhile, take 2 bread slices, cut the edges and then cut them into small cubes.
  • Now, brush oil on…

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