Urvashi Rautela talks about ‘RP’ in an interview; fans feel the actress is referring to Rishabh Pant. – Times of India

There have long been rumours linking Rishabh Pant with Urvashi Rautela, a Bollywood actress, but neither has ever responded in any meaningful way. However, the actress referred to a visitor who had come to meet her as Mr. “RP” in an interview. The initials are sometimes mistaken for Rishabh Pant by fans. There have been past rumours of a relationship between Pant and Urvashi. However, in the public’s eyes, the two never affirmed the same. And now Urvashi had mentioned “RP” paying him a visit in Delhi. She declined further details when pressed to identify Mr. “RP” by name.
“I had a gig in New Delhi after filming in Varanasi, so I had to take a flight. I spent a whole day filming in New Delhi, and when I returned home after around 10 hours of shooting, I had to get ready—and you know how long girls take to prepare. Mr RP arrived, waited for me in the lobby, and asked to meet. In a Bollywood Hungama interview, Urvashi remarked, “I was so exhausted that I fell off to sleep, and I didn’t realize that I had received so many calls.

In the interview, Urvashi said that when she woke up, she discovered numerous missed calls on her phone. Out of politeness, she requested that Mr. “RP” meet her anytime he is in Mumbai.
“Very, when I woke up, I saw 16–17 missed calls, and I was so sorry that I didn’t go because someone was waiting for me. I told him that we should meet when he is in Mumbai out of respect because many girls don’t care about keeping someone waiting. We met in Mumbai, where the press was all over us, and it just recently made national headlines. I won’t add anything to this other than to say that respect for others is crucial. However, she continued, “I feel like media exaggerates even the smallest item that is under progress and spoils it.

Urvashi and Rishabh were frequently photographed together in 2018—sometimes after dinners or events. Soon after, word spread that Pant had blocked Urvashi on WhatsApp.

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