Top 10 Ways to Maintain Your Car During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen restrictions on movement and lockdowns kicking in and most of us ended up spending time at our homes. And while we’re doing our thing by staying at home and not venturing out too much to protect ourselves from the virus, the pandemic rules and restrictions are taking a toll on the health of our cars. 

Keeping cars idle for a long time might not be something that your car would enjoy and it too needs some form of exercise. So, whether you own a high-tech, brand Tesla Model 3 or, grumpy Ford truck, they all call for more care than usual. While we mask up, sanitize and vaccinate to protect ourselves, and hope to begin searches for a new or a used car on CarIndigo, we tell you 10 ways to keep your car in good shape during pandemic times.

Do not let the batteries run out of juice

Well, we all know that the car’s battery runs out even when the car is not in use. To prevent the battery from being drained down, it is highly recommended you start your car at least once a week for 15-20 minutes and let the running engine charge the battery. 

If it is likely that you won’t be able to start the car for a month or so, just disconnect the negative terminal to prevent the battery from discharging. Practicing this will keep your battery and its charge levels intact and you won’t face any troubles the next time you’re set to go out in the car.

Do not engage the parking brake.

Engaging the parking brake for a long time is not advisable, especially if the car is going to stay idle for weeks and months. You cannot avoid using the parking brake if you’re parking on an inclined surface but if your car is going to be idle for a long time, make sure you park it on a flat surface. Engaging the parking brakes for a long time can jam the brakes. When the parking brakes are engaged for a long time, the brake rotors begin to develop rust on the surface. 

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Moreover, keeping the parking brakes engaged for a long time can cause binding between the rotors and the brake pads. To prevent damage to your car’s braking system, it is advised that you keep the parking brake down and maybe use something like a wheel stopper in your garage to prevent your car from rolling.

Keep the tank full

If your car is going to stay idle for a long time, make sure you fill the gas tank to the brim. Low fuel levels in the tank can lead to condensation and result in gasoline levels building up to dangerous levels. Moreover, an empty tank can also cause moisture to accumulate and that is very undesirable. So even if you have to spend a few extra bucks to top your tank off, it will just help you to maintain your car’s health when it is sitting idle.

Keep the car’s parts lubricated

Starting the car once a week will not just help you to replenish the battery but also help in keeping the car’s moving parts lubricated. When the car is sitting idle, the oil starts to settle and the fluids start to dry out and this phenomenon can lead to irreparable damage to…

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