Stew recipe and where to buy it in Phoenix

Denee Bex suspects her first time trying the classic Navajo dish steamed corn stew was at a flea market, where vendors can usually be found ladling steamed corn stew into Styrofoam bowls alongside farmers selling piles of freshly harvested ears from the backs of their pickup trucks. But her most vivid memory of the dish comes from a sweltering day in Phoenix when she was 19-years-old.

She’d started dating her now husband Brian, who she met at Arizona State University while they were studying for their bachelor’s degrees. He’d invited her to his parents’ home for dinner. Bex recalled the heat of the day, her nerves and how sweaty she must have appeared to her future mother-in-law. With one spoonful of homemade steamed corn stew, her body relaxed. 

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