Kathy Schwartz column: 10 ways to celebrate the year

Kathy Schwartz column:  10 ways to celebrate the year

How can it be possible that the end of the school year is two weeks away? This is the time when students and teachers count down the days to summer vacation.

Here are suggestions as to how you can celebrate this past year with all its twist and turns. During the last 10 days, do something that celebrates the journey you and your child have taken this past nine months.

10. TAKE time to look where your child was at the beginning of the year. Children have a hard time putting into perspective just how far they have traveled in such a short time.

9. NOTICE where your child is now. Highlight what he can do now and then compare just how far he has come. It is so important to let your child know that even the longest journey begins with one step. It is not how many steps he has taken but that he has dared to step at all.

8. ENERGIZE your child to do his best for the rest of the year. Make mini goals to accomplish.

7. SHAKE the hand of someone that has helped you along this journey. We do not get to our destination without others helping along the way.

6. SIGH, take a deep breath and breathe. Your child has conquered the detours, road construction and rerouting of his intended route. It is time to appreciate what he has done.

5. FIGURE out one way you will grow together this summer. It may be a skill that you just couldn’t acquire this past year, or learning something that you just wondered about. The possibilities are endless.

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4. FEAR not and go forth to a new year and a new attitude. Sometimes this time of year we feel burned out and tired. Do not worry. When next year arrives, it is a new beginning.

3. THANK that one person who has made this year possible. It can be the teacher, family member, mentor, classmate, janitor, bus driver or crossing guard who supported you when you needed it, guided you when you were lost, understood even when you didn’t and was always there cheering you on.

2. TELL each other what you will remember about this last year. Write it down. Laugh, and even cry. Put those memories in a treasure place and revisit them in coming years.

1. ONE last goodbye. This was always the hardest day in the year for me. I would gather my students around and thank them for being my kids. I would look deeply into their faces and try to remember their smiles, their trials, their tears and their triumphs. I often wondered if they would remember me. I did get my answer every now and then when a past student would drop in to say hello, catch me up on their adventures and laugh about silly little things we did along our short journey. Never underestimate what influence you have on your child’s mind and heart.

Ten days to count down, to utilize with all your heart and enjoy. This school year is in the books. It’s time to start a new journey.

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