Intentional Networking: 7 Ways To Maximize The ROI On Your Time

At the start of your business journey, anything goes. You’re prolifically meeting people, following up and building your network. You’re going for coffees, having your brain picked and attending multiple networking events each week. It’s unsustainable but essential. In the beginning, it’s necessary to be everywhere.

Many entrepreneurs, however, reach a point where this doesn’t make sense. Where the opportunity cost of saying yes is higher than the benefit of the event itself. Here, a different strategy is required. Whilst there’s a place for serendipitous encounters and keeping an open mind, a personal policy can set the right foundation.

Dr Emil Hodzovic is a former medical doctor turned high performance coach and investor who learned the hard way how exhausting and inefficient general networking could be. As founder of Health Evolved, Hodzovic helps coaches and business owners live a peak life by balancing health, wealth and happiness, and practices what he preaches by exploring new ways of living and operating. He wins new high-ticket clients by referral and networking and is a member of several groups, but views his time differently now compared to the start of his entrepreneurial journey.

Intentional networking is Hodzovic’s antidote to being too busy and spreading time too thinly, with six key components.

Level up

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