“If you took your job seriously, you’d be looking into how to make change happen faster…”

This challenge – this accusation – is presented to the leader of the Ministry for the Future in Kim Stanley Robinson’s acclaimed science fiction novel by that name.

In this near-future setting, a body called the Ministry for the Future has been established under the Paris Agreement, and its mission is to advocate for the world’s future generations of citizens at risk because of climate change. But, as the character issuing this challenge asserts, “It’s not enough. Your efforts aren’t slowing the damage fast enough. They aren’t creating fixes fast enough… So why don’t you do something more?”

Can you feel the frustration there?

A similar frustration is felt across our globe today – from the intimacy of family units to the teeming masses of the citizens of the world – when it comes to the pace of change toward greater equity, equality, and justice; current approaches aren’t working fast enough.

At Tidal Equality, we share that frustration. But we also have hope – a hope that, collectively, people who care about making the world a more just and equal place can tip the balance of power toward truly democratic decision-making, equitable and inclusive innovation, and restorative justice.

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Join Dr. Kristen Liesch on Thursday, January 27th, 10-11am PST / 1-2pm EST when she explores:

  • why our current interventions “aren’t creating fixes fast enough”
  • how we can learn from today’s science of systemic and behavioural change, as well as the successful tactics of social movements past and present, and
  • how you can accelerate the pace of equitable change.

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