How to Make Your Reception Friendlier to Those With Food Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

When it comes to dessert, pick your dream cake, of course, but consider an additional something sweet that can be enjoyed by all.

“I never eat the cake because I just don’t trust it won’t have nuts in it,” says Emma Carter, who is allergic to tree nuts and shellfish. “Even if people assure me, I just don’t like taking chances.”

Gossett suggests offering as an addition a dessert like dark chocolate and fruit, which can cover those who are gluten-free, dairy-free and concerned about nut allergies like Carter.

Communicate What’s on the Plate

Many people who have food allergies are used to asking precautionary questions at events, so go ahead and make it easier on them!

If you’re doing a buffet or stations, list ingredients and potential allergens for the dishes – this is yet another place where you can tie in your wedding aesthetic with cute signage! If your meal is seated, make room on your menu for a list of ingredients, and highlight allergen-free options.

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For seated dinners, you can also mark each guest’s place card with his or her selection or allergens, in order to better communicate with servers. Carter explains she attended a recent wedding that simply had her allergies written out on hers, which made her feel better about the entire meal.

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