How to make the most of the protein trend

The company surveyed 6,300 consumers across 12 countries in North America, Asia, Europe and Latin America for its The Protein Mindset:Uncovering Consumers’ Perceptions and Preferences of Proteins​ report.

Taste, quality, natural ingredients and cost ranked highest out of the factors influencing consumers’ purchasing of food and drink packed with protein. In Europe, taste came top, with 64% saying it was the most important consideration, followed by 54% stating the prevalence of natural ingredients was the most vital thing for them.

The paper highlights six areas for suppliers to focus on to make the most of the popularity for proteins.

Health & wellness

Health & wellness was top of people’s minds, with 50% of respondents associating protein with ‘healthy diet’ and 46% with ‘healthy lifestyle’. Proteins, Kerry concluded, carry a health halo. They are perceived not only as a critical macronutrient, but also as a supporter of overall health, weight management, energy and even immune health.

‘Better for you’ and ‘clean label’ were pinpointed as highly important for wellness consumers. Protein fortification, high-quality proteins and clean ingredient formulations were essential for the success of products.

However, the popularity of proteins extended across mainstream and indulgent food and beverages, Kerry found.

Plant proteins are rising in popularity, claims the report, which explored the appeal of 23 different sources of protein (animal, dairy and plant-based) and the relevance of protein fortification across 30 different foods and beverages. The research highlighted that many plant protein sources hold strong market potential, marked by a positive nutritional perception. However, taste, texture and nutritional optimization remain challenging.

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