How to make the most of the new trends in Communication in 2022.

How to make the most of new trends in Communication.

The shift

This is a time of great expansion, the leaders of the corporate world are having to adapt to issues within their businesses that have never seen before.

It’s scary time but those who adapt will be winners.

It is only seventy years ago that the world went through the original digital revolution (also known as the third industrial revolution) a time when the world started to move from mechanical to digital. It began with the adoption of computers for the very first time.

This led to enormous advancement in how business worked and communicated internationally.

It signalled the beginning of the internet and the creation of many different job roles and careers, advancement in medical care, travel and the increase of speed that things could be done. 

Fast forward to 2020. 

We then had an unpredicted global event, The appearance of Covid 19 and the subsequent pandemic. 

Nobody saw it coming and the only way that we could adapt was to use technology, this has sped up the way we communicate once again. 

The last two years, has brought many new changes and because of the increasing exceptional challenges, that we are now going through, some call this time The Fourth Digital Revolution or 4.0.

New trends of communicating are becoming apparent and many leaders are nervous about how they will proceed and protect their businesses at such a fast rate.

How does this effect you?

Communication at this time is key, whether you are an Individual, Start up, SME or Corporation.

The fourth revolution is a time to move forward without hesitation, those who don’t, will quickly be left behind. We have already seen the how differently it is for those work within a team with the progression of platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, and how this has led to many workers now want to work from home or operate in hybrid situations,

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It is imperative that companies adapt so that they can progress onto other areas of change that are sure to develop in the very near future.

The answer is trust.

How do you build trust? 

It all comes down to communication. With the rise of business mostly operating online this is paramount.

If you or your team members cannot interact confidently within the workplace you will struggle to be effective with clients, and colleagues, this can lead to many misinterpretations of what is actually going on around you. 

Relationships can suffer, purely through confusion. This can be damaging on a business and personal level. Structure needs to be put in place so that every colleague feels included. This may be the way you check in, who works with who, and how this is maintained. It’s not all about the words.

Good communication also leads to ideas being expressed and gives rise to creativity within a company. If a team member is afraid to speak up you could be missing out on some amazing input that could lead to increased productivity and growth. 

I’ve worked with many clients who are very effective business executives but who struggle when it comes to expressing ideas and building relationships within the workplace.

They have a good level of English but haven’t had enough practice and used the correct communication tools for them within the situation that they are now in. They have had general lessons that do not relate to business and especially interacting with colleagues and clients. This makes them nervous.

The behaviour in a team and how the organisation identifies and expands it now vitally important as we approach 2022.

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