How to make sure our rivers are and will remain clean

With warmer temperatures, our waterways become the place to be to enjoy the weather.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — It is the time of the year where hot weather and cool water go hand in hand. If you are heading out to any of the rivers here in the Midlands there are a few important things you should know.

Columbia, sits right along the Congaree river which is one of 3 rivers in the Midlands residents use for recreation.

From tubing, to boating, and even fishing, it is important to know the quality of the water that is where people like Bill Stangler, the Congaree Riverkeeper step in.

“We recommend that folks check water quality before they get in as well and, there is a very easy way you can do that now… we do weekly water monitoring at eleven sites all along the Broad, Saluda, and Congaree rivers.”

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Water quality reports along the three rivers resumed this past week and run through the end of September. That information those numbers can be found at 

Along with water quality Stangler says that keeping a track of the water levels and conditions are very important especially when swimming.

“You know make sure you are not going in when it is really high water or at flood stage so, knowing what you are capable of, what you can handle and what the river is doing.”

Outside of those issues, pollution on the river is always a concern, according to Stangler, the best policy is to make sure you leave nothing behind to keep our waterways clean for others to enjoy.

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