How to Make Broth for Delicious Homemade Soups and More

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Make your own soda at home with these TikTok recipes

For some refreshing soda inspiration, head over to TikTok and try one of these five delicious soda recipes that TikTokers have invented. 1. Homemade nettle tea soda. For a soothing and healthy soda, try this nettle tea soda recipe. 2. Homemade Harry Potter butterbeer soda. Harry Potter fans, rejoice! Now you can make your own magical Harry Potter- themed butterbeer soda drink at home. 3. Homemade four-ingredient strawberry soda. Fresh strawberries make this homemade strawberry soda truly special. 4. Homemade fuljar soda. This flavorful Indian soda is as fun to prepare as it is to drink. 5. Homemade ginger soda. This naturally carbonated ginger soda requires a bit of patience to make, but it’s so worth it

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