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On day 10, you will receive a visit from a man who hands you the new laboratory equipment you need to start brewing elixirs. After that, you can make elixirs by clicking the small arrow on the left side of the window where you see customers.

How To Make Baylock’s Elixir


Baylock’s Elixir is one of the many elixirs you can brew in this game. You will get the recipe for this one from Simone when she comes to the shop on day 8. 

However, it won’t be until day 11, when Amos Duncan comes to the shop, that you will need to prepare it.

Baylock’s Elixir Recipe

According to the information Simone gives you, Baylock’s Elixir is a potent aid to memory that allows those who drink it to ensure they retain important information that they will never forget.

Taking this elixir must be handled with care as there is a chance the person who drinks it ends up like “Grey Goyle,” who slowly lost her mind after taking the elixir and stared at a blank wall for 12 hours.

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To make this elixir, you must use the crushed petals of three distinctive plants. Below you will find a drawing of what the flowers look like.

If you look closely at the plants you have in the shop, you will notice that the flowers you this for this concoction are:

  • Eyebright
  • Palliance
  • Prittle


After you’ve finished preparing the elixir, it’ll be on the same shelves where the flowers are, so give it to Amos as you would typically do with a plant.

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