Fit Grandma Hits The Gym In Her Bikini

Rules are meant to be broken. Or at the least tested to see how closely they should be followed.

Andrea Sunshine, also known as Fit Grandma, likes to break the rules. She’s in incredible shape for being a 53-year-old grandmother and has done so with some intense dedication to the gym.

A recent trip the gym turned into one where she decided to break a few rules. The fitness influencer did her workout in a very revealing bikini.

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Andrea shared a video of herself working out in her tiny outfit and captioned it, “Today I broke all the protocols at gym, I wanted do something irreverent, unusual unexpected.”

“So I did and I loved the way I felt, free spirit I love what I see, this sexy Granny worth a Millions for all the qualities she does have.”

Before her workout ended, Andrea was asked by the manager of the gym to move to another room. This didn’t phase her too much, although she admitted that she enjoyed the extra attention.

Jam Press/CO Press Office

No Matlock And Crossword Puzzles For This Grandma

“I have always wanted to try this because it turns me on to see my muscles pumped and when you are wearing clothes you can’t see these,” she said.

“But I haven’t been in the mood to really do it, that day I felt like, and I did!”

She added, “My shape is amazing, so if anyone wasn’t sure if my body looks good or not, that day everyone was convinced that my body is real.”

There’s no lack of confidence here. Why would there be? She’s in workout at the gym in bikini shape. Not many grandmas can say that.

Who knows? She might just take it to the next level and go without the bikini altogether.

“I felt freedom and that’s an incredible feeling! So who knows what comes next!

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