Fans Have Been Wowed By Esha Jhanji’s Powerful Content And Heartwarming Cuteness

Esha Jhanji is a successful actress and social media influencer. Because of her hard work and determination, she was able to make her dreams come true.  Esha desired to be an actress since childhood, having grown up as a major Bollywood enthusiast.

Esha says, “I was just a simple girl from Punjab with high ambitions of dreams about Bollywood in my young eyes. I wanted to be someone my family the next generation could look up. I’ve always enjoyed participating in school dramas and acting clubs. As my love for acting grew over time, I decided to follow my heart and began making videos that followed the trends in transition videos to establish individuality.”
One day, Esha saw there were fan pages of her name. Seeing how much people love her online made her happy and emotional. The young and talented actress realised that she is now getting closer to her dreams, and people are noticing her and her talent.”

There are days when Esha feels dejected and doesn’t feel like doing anything at all. Such moments come in everyone’s life. So how does the social media influencer keep herself motivated during such tricky times? Esha Jhanji answers, “I don’t force myself to do something if I don’t feel like it. I believe if you aren’t in the right mood to do something, take a break. I love travelling and watching movies or just resting. That’s what I do when I am going through a tough time. It helps me rethink my decisions and gives clarity about what to do.”

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Esha Jhanji believes that one must not beat themselves up to achieve their dream. Failures are a part of life, and one must embrace and learn from them. On social media, people love her positivity and sweet personality. She has more than 770k followers on Instagram.

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