Council Post: How To Make Migrating To Your New Software More Attractive To Customers

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It’s no secret that the pandemic catalyzed a global race toward digital transformation. From the enterprise level to small businesses, firms of all sizes had to adjust to the fact that digitization was no longer just an option but a necessity. This has come to hold true for everything from day-to-day operations to approach to lead generation.

This shift in thinking has been great news for software creators, as it highlighted the need to digitize quickly and effectively. But as I saw at my own company, it also hasn’t made the process of transitioning clients to new software any easier.

If your company has taken the time to develop proprietary software that automates previously manual processes, you already understand your product’s value and why it is worth your customers’ time to switch. But this rationale isn’t always as clear to customers, who may view technology as more of a disruption than augmentation. That’s why it’s so important to partner with your customers in a way that helps them understand and experience your products’ benefits.

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