Central Rly completes microtunnelling at Masjid station to prevent flooding

The Central Railway has completed microtunnelling work at Masjid Railway Station to avoid flooding on tracks on the stretch without disturbing normal train movement.

Microtunnelling is a trenchless solution for constructing small diameter tunnels, used especially for projects that require the tunnel to cross under dense traffic roads, railways and rivers.

Officials claimed that a similar method was implemented at the Sandhurst Road station area, which showed good results during the monsoon this year.

Following this, the officials decided to implement the technology at Masjid railway station as well.

The project covers both the railway and municipal area and was started at April end in coordination with railways. The work in the railway area has been completed recently.

The official said that the situation on the tracks worsens during high-intensity rainfall coupled with high tide, inadequate capacity of a culvert, lower stormwater drainage network carrying capacity.

“Now the work of connecting the newly laid RCC pipe with the BMC’s network is in progress by BMC and it is likely to be completed by this month-end,” he said.

“Microtunnelling is a proven technology widely adopted and recently tried, tested and executed at the Sandhurst Road railway station area. The railway portion microtunnelling work at Masjid railway station has been completed in a very short period and this will help to prevent waterlogging during monsoon at Masjid railway station,” said Anil Kumar Lahoti, General Manager, Central Railway.

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