Aahana S Kumra: I don’t want to meet people who are not fully vaccinated

It is almost after two years that actor Aahana Kumra has stepped out of India for a shooting schedule, and more than fun, it has been a ride full of anxiety. She is determined to be safe rather than be sorry, and has decided not to meet anyone who isn’t fully vaccinated.

At the moment, she is in London, UK, for the shoot of a film, regarding which she is not allowed to talk about.

“I am excited and very anxious because the cases are rising everywhere. Honestly, you are not safe anywhere, it doesn’t matter whether you are shooting in India or abroad. It is going to be the same problem and you have to take the same precautions,” Kumra tells us.

Her last foreign shooting schedule was in 2019 around the time of Christmas in London, before the world closed its “door on us”. This time around, even taking a flight was a different experience.

“I was very anxious when I was travelling because we had a number of forms and formalities to fill. Even when I was taking the flight, I was very scared and was making sure that I didn’t take my mask off, and kept sanitizing my hands. I was really going crazy,” she confesses.

In the UK, the 36-year-old has spotted a lot of people not wearing masks, but she is determined not to let her guard down.

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“People are not really wearing masks out here because it is not illegal to not do so. However, the government does encourage people to wear masks. But I will make sure that I do wear it all the time,” says the actor, who has featured in Khuda Haafiz, Sandwiched Forever, Marzi, Rules of the Game and Betaal.

However, there are a lot of things that she will miss while shooting this time. She says, “I miss when I could eat and drink with anybody and everybody. I could just go out after a shoot and grab a drink anywhere. That’s what I did last time when I was in London in 2019. I have so many family and friends in the UK”.

Kumra doesn’t plan to meet anyone as she can’t be sure if they are carrying the infection, or are fully vaccinated.

“I am completely vaccinated but I don’t know if they have been jabbed. I can’t even ask these questions because some people get anxious and upset, but I wouldn’t want to meet people who are not fully vaccinated. So, I will be very careful. I miss doing careless things. You can’t be careless anymore. It is not okay to be careless,” she expresses, hoping that they all come back safely.

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