5 Comforting Lunch Recipes For A Rainy Day Recommends

Monday is here again and we all are back to work. But this morning was a bit different for several states across India. After experiencing a sky-high temperature and scorching heat, several parts of the country breathed a sigh of relief with heavy rainfall early in the morning. Reportedly, West Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand are likely to experience isolated rainfall; on the other hand, states like Assam, Meghalaya, and Mizoram are expected to experience heavy rainfall over the next few days. In such a scenario, what we can think of is good food. The cool weather outside is making us crave a comforting meal and an afternoon nap. While we understand an afternoon nap is a distant dream on a working Monday, how about marking the day with some happy meal?! That’s right. We have curated a list of delicious lunch options that you can prepare in a jiffy and enjoy on a rainy day. Let’s take a look.

Here’re 5 Quick And Easy Lunch Options On A Rainy Day:

1. Khichuri-Begun Bhaja:

A classic rainy-day meal for every Bengali, khichuri with begun bhaja makes for a divine combo. All you need to do is, prepare a Bengali-style khichdi with rice, dal, sabzi and some spices and pair it with deep-fried eggplants. You can also have maach bhaja (fried fish) and kosha mangsho by the side. Click here for khichuri (Bengali-style khichdi) recipe.

2. One Pot Chicken Biryani:

Let’s agree, we literally need no occasion to enjoy biryani. Aromatic rice mixed with spices and juicy meat – biryani spells indulgence. While our love for biryani knows no bounds, we often avoid making the dish on a weekday. Why, you ask? It is because of the extensive hours it takes to make biryani. What if we say, we have found a quick recipe that’ll help you prepare biryani in just 30 minutes?! You heard us. Here’s a one-pot chicken biryani recipe that you can prepare anytime during the week and indulge in. Click here for the recipe.

3. Allahabadi Tehri:

For the unversed, Allahabadi tehri is a North India-style mixed pulao that include rice, vegetable and a pool of spices to add flavours and aroma to the dish. It is delicious, comforting and helps you put together a meal in just no time. Pair tehri with some spicy achar and enjoy. Click here for the recipe.

4. Tamarind Rice:

If you are someone who likes that tang on your palate, then this dish is a must-try. South Indian-style tamarind rice is a delicious mix of rice, chana and urad dal, peanuts, hing, curry leaves, mustard seeds and more. Traditionally referred to as pulihora (puli means something sour), this dish helps you put together a quick and yummy meal in just 30 minutes. Click here for the recipe.

5. Masala Bhaat:

A classic Maharashtrian meal, masala bhaat is rice mixed with an array of rustic masalas and vegetables. What makes this dish stand out in the lot is the use of Maharashtrian ‘goda masala’ – a hot spice mix that includes cumin, sesame, dry coconut powder, black pepper powder and more. We suggest, preparing masala bhaat at home and pairing it with a bowl of raita and enjoying a delicious meal. Click here for the recipe.

Now that you have these delicious recipes handy, prepare one (from the list) today and enjoy it while watching the rain outside. And yes, do not forget to take all the precautionary measures for the upcoming monsoon.

Have a good day!

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